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Harlan International provides high end and proprietary products to the Oil & Gas Industry.  We specialize in high performance guars with minimum viscosities over 7000 centipoise.   Guar Descriptions and Technical Specifications can be found in the "Guar" section.


Additional offerings include a revolutionary method for placing specialized chemistries in the formation with the fracking fluid.  Now, issues such as hydrogen sulfide, scale and asphaltene & paraffin can be addressed and treated on a continious basis when the fracking of the well occurs.  Read more about these technologies under the "Other Products" section.


 NEW:  See "Guar" page for CMHPG and Xantham alternatives

 NEW:  Harlan now offers specialty blended FHG and CMHPG options.  These blended products offer better viscosity values, better propant loading and better breakdown characteristics all at a significant better price point.  Contact your us or your local representative for more details.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.  The appropriate contacts are listed with phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  We look forward to your inquiries.




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